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Soul stealing – stop to think?

February 8, 2012


First of all, apologies for posting two entries to the Blog in one day – one should never try to push too much reading/images for the readers. But as tomorrow will go mostly to traveling, maybe you can forgive me for posting twice today? The photos in this entry have two different ‘themes’ – the […]

On Sunday, death comes to visit!

January 23, 2012


My plans for Sunday evening were thrown wide open as the job I had (can’t mention too much about it as it is still a secret) was cancelled on last minute. As a photographer you get used to living with the uncertainty and sudden call-ups and cancellations, but this gave me time to play with […]

Burning the midnight oil..

January 17, 2012


This probably is something that many photographers can relate to, you have a big tournament/day of photography and the clients are anxious to get their hands on the photos A.S.A.P. So what do we end up doing? Well, there probably are as many ways of trying to stay awake and alert to edit through the […]

Windy night with the Witch

January 4, 2012


As the new year has arrived upon us, one of my decisions for this year has been to widen the range of photography that I am doing. Yes, there is still plenty to learn in the Sports Photography, but should this stop me from playing around with new techniques and ideas? I have always been […]