Outside, and looking in

January 25, 2012


This subject was sort of thrown at me today – my initial plan was to drive to Worcester and take a 360 degree panorama picture near the picturesque Worcester Cathedral, but photographer friend = rain, came and changed the plans. Here is the story of how the evening unfolded and these pictures came to be. […]

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Cardiff, and when you ‘need to go’

January 25, 2012


Sorry – no pictures today to go with the post, for those who are not familiar with rules here in England.. Football photography is very strictly regulated so I am not able to publish any of those images on my blog!! Tuesday evening had be drive down to Cardiff for the Carling Cup Semi-Final between […]

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On Sunday, death comes to visit!

January 23, 2012


My plans for Sunday evening were thrown wide open as the job I had (can’t mention too much about it as it is still a secret) was cancelled on last minute. As a photographer you get used to living with the uncertainty and sudden call-ups and cancellations, but this gave me time to play with […]

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Two games, one day

January 22, 2012


All the games once again being pushed into few days over the weekend – today this meant shooting Championship football at RICOH Arena in Coventry, and then driving to Leicester for BBL basketball action. Having only finished working at 2.15am on Saturday morning, it was a quiet lay-in this morning. Plans were to have a […]

Tigers vs Riders

January 21, 2012


Friday evening saw me return to the more normal BBL action, no fancy surrounding of the N.I.A this week in the British Basketball League – it was a journey up the M6 to Knowsley Leisure Centre and top of the table challenging Leicester Riders vs struggling last seasons triple-Champions Mersey Tigers. For a while now […]

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Going 360 degrees

January 20, 2012


After months of buying little bits and bobs, as well as getting the software into place. It is soon time to start publishing my 360 degree panorama images online – it will be a learning experience, so hopefully those interested in these images will give me time to learn it and see the improvements in […]

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Burning the midnight oil..

January 17, 2012


Burning the midnight oil

This probably is something that many photographers can relate to, you have a big tournament/day of photography and the clients are anxious to get their hands on the photos A.S.A.P. So what do we end up doing? Well, there probably are as many ways of trying to stay awake and alert to edit through the […]

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