Soul stealing – stop to think?

Posted on February 8, 2012


First of all, apologies for posting two entries to the Blog in one day – one should never try to push too much reading/images for the readers. But as tomorrow will go mostly to traveling, maybe you can forgive me for posting twice today?

The photos in this entry have two different ‘themes’ – the first two images I would title ‘Soul Stealing’.

Where we live is nice and remote, so there are plenty of opportunities to photograph in the dark. Which was quite vital for these images, which I have attempted to make seem like the pipe in the pictures is drawing the ‘life’, ‘manna’, ‘soul’.. call it what you will – from the body. Ideas like this seem a little dark, so maybe I am drawn towards that side of imagery more than the bright and happy side? The issues that come from using yourself as the photographer and subject are something that I hope to in the future be able to solve by having willing ‘victims’ to be photographed. With light-painting the problems are that you are never quite sure where you are positioned in regards to the light that you are drawing.. these two images came best out of the lot that I took tonight. Aim was to have the light start as close to the person as possible and then lead into the mouth of the pipe. One idea I thought to improve these would be to perhaps make the length of the pipe glow from behind.. so that is something I will return to. Both of these images are done on one exposure of about 30 seconds – used the Flash to fire 1st curtain, to freeze the subject and with the black evening sky behind me, I was then free to move around to paint the light as I wanted it to be.

If you would like me to write a more in-depth ‘tutorial’ on how to take these types of images – please leave a comment and I can make a video showing the process.

So there we have two little images…

The second set of images is something a little different – sort of an attempt to portray homelessness – with the sad looking person laying on the ground in front of the old shed..

Word ‘THINK’ and “IT’S U” – suppose their aim is to make the viewer think that it could be them.. people who live on the streets these days are from all types of backgrounds.. and I know I personally am guilty of not possibly thinking about this issue enough..

This was surely just my first array into this idea – and I will look for better and more creative places to show this issue in my forth-coming Blog entries.

One of the images ‘THINK’ has once again been taken on a single exposure – with around 15 seconds exposure time.

The ‘It’s U’ image has been composed out of three separate images – first one was the one where the subject (me) is standing on the left of the image, second image was the one where the subject is on the right and lastly the image where subject is laying on the ground.. this was also the image which I used to do the ‘light text’.

Thinking on it now – I could have used a wider view on the image and written something different on all three exposures to make more of a point. As this would have naturally given me three times as much time to write something… once again – room for improvement on this.

With the ‘THINK” image – on the Post Processing stage – I used a Quick Selection tool to cut out the writing and created another layer from it – and then used a B&W filter to de-saturate the background of the image, thus hopefully bringing the red text even more strikingly out from the image.

Hopefully, you – Dear Reader, can forgive me for posting twice in one day.. but I do hope that at least one of your visits over here has been worth it…




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