Warm evening in Milton Keynes

Posted on February 4, 2012


With the clock ticking towards 2.30am – somehow my ‘professionalism’ .. of craziness, makes me get this entry out there for the morning….

Friday evening usually means basketball photography for me, and so it was this week as well. All three games would have been close enough for me to travel to, so it was a guess where the action would be tonight, little was I to know that it was everywhere – all three games had players/coaches thrown out.. and one even had a start of a boxing match 🙂

For those who are new to my adventures and work – I cover the British Basketball League, taking still images as well as doing video highlights and match reports (just call me Mr Octopus).  The choice ended up making tonight was to travel to Milton Keynes for the game.. the Lions are a good team to photograph, athletic and play good face paced game. And their opponents Raiders also give good pictures.. which is all that matters to me.

To see more images and the game video (suppose you have to be REALLY interested in this stuff) please feel free to click the little link after this paragraph and you’ll see my shots from the game.. as well as about 4 minutes of video action..

The link to the images and video : http://googabuphotos.zenfolio.com/p823361637

Yes, all the images are quite heavily watermarked – but this is due to me experiencing both fans and players ‘stealing’ images from the Gallery.. so as a safety-measure I have started to slap an ugly watermark to the top of them.. not very nice of me and does take away from the impact the images generate, but sometimes it is the only way to make sure your images are yours until they are being asked by someone 🙂

Now – we are heading into an exciting Saturday here, with the country bracing itself for snow (and British people CAN NOT cope with snow.. an inch of snow means that the tabloid papers will call it ‘Snowmageddon’) and I have two games to attend to, firstly to see Birmingham CIty Ladies promote their new season at the men’s game and then a 40 mile drive to Leicester for basketball in the evening. I better pack the car full of warm clothes and re-fuel before setting out.. it could be a long night returning from the second game back to home…