First 360 panorama pictures

Posted on January 31, 2012


They say one should never show work/pictures that haven’t been finished yet – well, here’s to throwing that rule out of the window.

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to host these images on this free WordPress account – so I have built a different site to host the new 360 degree interactive panoramas. But as it is so easy to keep this blog as my main place to show various bits I am doing, I thought that you good readers would not mind making that one extra click to see the new site???

Barnt Green Reservoir 2011

First link is to an image I shot hand-held to make a 360 degree image on one of my regular walks around my old home in Barnt Green – here’s link to the interactive image and little story about the photo :

I hope you people like it – and as this is something new I am trying, any comments would be much appreciated once again!!