Outside, and looking in

Posted on January 25, 2012


This subject was sort of thrown at me today – my initial plan was to drive to Worcester and take a 360 degree panorama picture near the picturesque Worcester Cathedral, but photographer friend = rain, came and changed the plans. Here is the story of how the evening unfolded and these pictures came to be.

For a while now the 360 degree project has been on slow burner, but with a team photo-shoot for a football team being postponed  until next week – it was time for some fun photos. A little drive to Worcester with all the equipment at the back of the car – being a little cheap-skate I parked at the free parking and decided to walk the 1/2 mile or so to the Cathedral. There was some drizzle in the air, but I thought it should be OK for the images I had planned to take. But as I set the tripod and everything, the heavens opened and it was raining harder – now that should not prevent one from taking pictures in general. But with long exposure times in question and many shots being taken facing upwards, the rain drops on the lens would have made the project impossible to complete.

It was now a walk back to the car to drop-off the tripod, which let me tell you is heavy enough to qualify as my evening exercise 😉 But I thought that as I had come here, I might as well walk around and see if there is anything I could capture handheld? Like many English towns, there is no shortage of cafe’s, fast food place and restaurants – which are all quite brightly light for the evening.

That is how the idea of ‘Outside Looking In’ started to get to me – I am too self-conscious to stand and keep snapping away for long times in front of a single place.. and people are suspicious enough to come and ask questions if I would. It was a question of spotting the right type of place and hope that it all comes together – what I was after was to have few people indoors either sitting, standing… just minding their own business and not aware of me taking the images.

One that really strikes me as the best of the lot, is the one with ‘Costa’ on it. As I walked past the place, there was a man sitting at the chairs right by the window, reading a book/paper. Unfortunately there was a busy cinema and taxi-stop right next to it, and it was quite well light so standing right there and snapping would have raised some questions. But.. there was a traffic island on the middle of the road – quick walk to it.. pretend to be taking pictures of the traffic.. look this way and that. Not seemingly focusing on anything particular, while at the same time taking pictures towards the ‘Costa’.

Also the ‘Fish&Chips’ has a quite nice feeling to it – you see the girl working behind the counter and the two girls sitting by the window eating, as the man is disappearing into the back room (I think he might have seen me taking pictures).

So – despite the images not being quite what I was going for there in the first place – a little brain work and the evening was rescued 🙂  Hopefully you will enjoy the latest instalment of my Blog – and find it a little different from the previous posts.

As always – any comments you do feel like leaving, they are always appreciated….. thank you for dropping by the Blog and hope to see you back soon for another entry.. (more than likely there will be one tomorrow!!)

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