Two games, one day

Posted on January 22, 2012


All the games once again being pushed into few days over the weekend – today this meant shooting Championship football at RICOH Arena in Coventry, and then driving to Leicester for BBL basketball action.

Having only finished working at 2.15am on Saturday morning, it was a quiet lay-in this morning.
Plans were to have a walk after waking up, but it was quickly turned into another morning of Email writing and picture editing 🙂
So before I knew it, it was time to head to Coventry for the game – going to Coventry is quite good for games, as one does get a Pie and Chips in the press-room before the game. Just enough time to grab one before the game today..

The Agency I work for had some issues with their FTP server today, so sending images was ‘see how it goes’ – but it was raining on and off during the first 60 minutes of the game, so kept the sending to minimum anyways. Wrong end of the pitch for the first goal of the game, but unknown to me at the time – the celebration shot I took of the goal actually had all three of Coventry City’s scorers celebrating.. sometimes you just get lucky.
Couple of Yellow cards meant that I got the ‘right’ team attacking my end for the second 45 minutes.
Always looking to get away from the big agency photographers – I sat on my own on my side of the goal.. and got lucky (again), Coventry City had just signed a loan player from Man City.. he scores and runs to celebrate right in front of me.. another celebration shot sorted..
Third goal.. got the scorer doing his ‘strange’ celebration.. and players once again come to celebrate in front of me.. EXCELLENT!

Now, I had an assignment for the game, so it was a paid gig anyways – but with these images one always gets his hopes up and thinks “WOW, I bet there will be at least two pictures of mine in the papers tomorrow!!’ WRONG!!! When you think that way, it is certain that none of them will get published.. papers will choose some strange image taken from the other end of the pitch.. probably showing the players celebrating and then me at the side of them taking pictures 😉

RIDERS vs LIONS picture/video LINK :

No time to dwell on this game too long, up the M69 to Leicester and Riders vs Lions game.
The dark cavern that is JSSC, raising the ISO to 4000 and shutter speed down to 1/320… (and still slightly under exposed at parts)

Few OK shots from the game, but tough to do so as it was a paid job for the Riders – who didn’t exactly play that well in the game. And basketball is one of those sports that when the team you photograph does not get to do much… your pictures will reflect it. But – luckily I can show my b-bal images.. unlike the footy. So you can see for yourself what basketball at ISO 4000 and 1/320 looks like..

Oh, and I normally always get a free Hot Dog at these games – but they sold them out tonite… no dog for poor old me 🙂
Now it’s starving to bed and hopefully get something to eat in the morning …. naah, just kidding, had my late night snack at home.

Good day all in all this Saturday – two decent games to attend, lucky with some pictures – all is good. Once again getting close to 2am.. so should probably try to find my way to bed. Off to Birmingham City Ladies training session in about 10 hours… (Note to self : Charge batteries for cameras!!)

Check out the b-ball video/report and photos behind the link in this article!!!