Burning the midnight oil..

Posted on January 17, 2012


This probably is something that many photographers can relate to, you have a big tournament/day of photography and the clients are anxious to get their hands on the photos A.S.A.P. So what do we end up doing?
Well, there probably are as many ways of trying to stay awake and alert to edit through the 1000’s of images one might have captured during the day.
Yes, you have sent the urgent ones already, so the client has been pleased – but you know that they would appreciate receiving the rest quickly as well, and to top it all up – you have your next big job the following day, so if you won’t do this now.. you will be so much behind at work that it hurts 🙂

For some the choice of ‘drug’ is coffee, others take ProPlus, some take an energy drink or two – but for most of us, Caffeine is part of our 6 a Day. Not 5 a Day like they tell to everyone on TV – they forget the important sixth nutrient group… Caffeine.

So – I thought to play around with this idea of ‘burning the candle at both ends’. Here are few images that I thought worked quite OK – it is still work in progress, so any feedback on the idea/execution is kindly received.

As a taster, here is one image from the set of five I have posted into the Gallery.

Burning the midnight oil

Link to the Gallery, which for some reason doesn’t want to ‘link’ – so copy paste is the way to get there.. (it is the same the old Witch Gallery – these are the last five photos there) : http://googabuphotos.zenfolio.com/p226910742

I hope you enjoy these ones – and find them interesting!

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