It was a long day

Posted on January 15, 2012


Long Sunday my friends !

Alarm rang at 6.30am – time to get up and drive to listen to FIBA presentation to the referees at a hotel in Birmingham. Well, not so much to listen than to take pictures – strange to see all BBL referees in one room (I know some coaches would love to see them and say some chosen words 😉 )

After an hour of this, rushing to the N.I.A to get ready for the days action in the BBL Cup Final – thanks to some help from my friend ‘Cowboy’ Mansoor, managed to set the remote camera behind the basket for the day. Hoping to capture few slam-dunk shots from there – the harvest/best of them will come online early next week.

The day was as hectic as I predicted it to be, rushing from A to B and trying to keep up with the emptying of CF cards and keeping an eye on the action – six solid hours of photography produced over 3000 images (trust me, only few hundred will be usable) to go through.

BBL Finals also give an opportunity to catch up with the small bunch of people who cover British Basketball – and it was great to catch up with many of them in Birmingham, even if it is very quick word here and there to most of them.


It seems the game is actually called ‘Basletball’ – not ‘Basketball’ (screen grab from BBC website earlier today)

Game itself didn’t live up to the expectations I had of it – as a neutral you want a tight game, which keeps the action nice and lively on the court. But with the other team establishing a 20 point lead – majority of the game was only enjoyable to the sizeable Newcastle Eagles supporters group.. others seemed to sit and wait for the game to end.

From a photographers point of view the event was disappointing – from some reason the lighting in the N.I.A this year was EXTREMELY poor, usually one has managed on ISO2500 and 1/500-1/640 at f2.8-3.2. This year, we were pushing up to ISO4000 to reach 1/500 at f2.8. Which doesn’t give you the best image quality – and when the client is looking to use these images in promotions, it is not exactly ideal. We did ask about the lighting, but either it was full on for event of this size, or something.
As said, in previous BBL Finals and other events I have covered at the N.I.A – the light has been few stops better, but you can only work with the light that you are given (unless you feel like buying candles 😉 )

Now, after being away for about 17 hours.. the eyes are starting to droop a little too much to continue to make any sense out the pictures.. so I shall shut the shop for tonite!!