Health and Safety….

Posted on January 13, 2012


This season is the first one that I have attempted to use cameras behind the back-board in the BBL games.
And I have to say there has been a very varied response to my requests to use the remote cameras in games.

Not wanting to name any teams, better to stay on the good side of all the teams in BBL 😉

Many teams have been more than accommodating, bringing down the baskets to help me get the camera set-up, brought me ladders or other contraptions to get me high enough. And this is usually the reaction abroad as well, where no questions are asked … I am just pointed towards the ladders and told to ‘take care’.

Other teams have been bouncing me from one person to the next (and I still haven’t received a solid answer from some teams 🙂 ). Then there are teams that are sending me to the ‘paperwork jungle’ – fill in Health and Safety assessment, get references from previous places and detail a ‘procedure’ as to how I am going to work the camera and attachments and so on.
Of course I do understand that BBL clubs themselves have very little control over their venues and these decisions are sometimes made by venue management, but sometimes I do feel that things are going a little O.T.T in regards to what is being requested from me.

There is also the fact that BBL has very few ‘professional’ photographers working around the teams, so it is very rare that anything like this is being requested by a photographer in the league over here. This also throws a little added difficulty to the teams in dealing with the requests I make.

Hopefully as the clubs see the images captured from the remote cameras, this will encourage them to draw up a procedure to deal with these situations. The league in UK is still very much in a stage where the ‘only way is up’. And Media will play a big part in the sport growing over here – without exposure in the media, the clubs will find it hard going to make themselves known to the wider public. Hopefully next season will bring the sport more into the spotlight as new teams are appearing in London, Manchester and Birmingham…

That’s the little bit of thoughts for now – and now ready for the Sharks vs Heat game in chilly Sheffield.