Windy night with the Witch

Posted on January 4, 2012


As the new year has arrived upon us, one of my decisions for this year has been to widen the range of photography that I am doing. Yes, there is still plenty to learn in the Sports Photography, but should this stop me from playing around with new techniques and ideas?

I have always been interested in the scary/grunge looking portraits, so after spending the Xmas holidays at the In-Laws learning about various photo-editing techniques, it was time to put them to test tonight.

We are lucky enough to live in a location where one does not even have to draw the curtains in an attempt to have a ‘total blackout’ in the room. Let’s face it, the nearest street lights are few miles from here.

To see the photos – you have to click the ‘More’ button 🙂

It's Witching-Hour

Tonights idea was witch/cooking – so this meant going down to the kitchen/photo-studio. Camera was set on remote trigger, which I was holding, on the table. And two flash lights and a off camera flash were also used to light up the scene.
Couple of candles were positioned on the table, as well as a big ‘cook book’ (Ten points for anyone who can see what type of book it really is!!).
Camera position wasn’t the most comfortable for composing the images, as I had to half climb on the table to see through the viewfinder. This meant some nasty cropping of images at the editing stage.

Good thing is that I am a rather scary looking person already, so no post processing needed for that. Nice to be ‘natural’ in something 🙂

I’ve posted the single image on this Blog – and by clicking it, you will be directed to the Gallery where you will see few more of my images from tonight.

Good night, and don’t let the bed bugs bite……

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