Canon vs Nikon

Posted on January 4, 2012


Aaah, the age old debate amongst photographers, which better Canon or Nikon 🙂
Trust me – you hear that way too often when you talk to photographers.
So, the question I was asking myself was, is there a divide between the two.. do Nikon users avoid Canon users and vice-versa?? No, surely that was just something I had conjured up in the dark corners of my mind, or was it?

Canon vs Nikon?

The other night I was stuck in a game where not much was happening, neither team really managed to create chances and so my camera started to wonder to pick-up some images of the crowd/managers, etc. When all of a sudden I noticed a row of fellow photographers sitting some distance away from me and low and behold, the Canon and Nikon users sure as heck were sitting in their own little groups. You can’t imagine how excited I was, yes the game was THAT boring, and immediately snapped a picture of the situation.
Now I can’t wait to get to the Olympics in London and capture the same type of image with hundreds of photographers..

Not being too familiar with the photographers – I have been kind enough to blur their faces, who knows maybe they were not even supposed to be at the game..

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