First game of the year Oxford United vs Crawley Town

Posted on January 3, 2012


For my first game of 2012, I headed for Oxford to photograph League Two game between Oxford United (unbeaten in December) and League leaders Crawley Town.

Why did I decide to go to a League Two game, when there would have been a Premier League game between Aston Villa and Swansea in Birmingham? One reason for that is the little warped way Sports Photography works in the UK – Premier League games can easily have over 20-30 photographers in a game.. and most of those not having a client, so what point is there to compete with that, when you can go to a lower league game which more than likely will get covered and be one of only a small handful a photographers in the game…
(trust me – I will bore you with my views of the way Sports Photography works in UK during the coming months 🙂 )

Game itself didn’t offer much in the way of photography, until the 90th minute. Lucky strike for me, being the only photographer at Crawley end (apart from club photographer) and caught the late equalising goal and celebration.

After some mild weather in past weeks, the weather took a turn to colder tonite – which meant that I hadn’t quite prepared for it. Which in turn meant that after two hours of ‘action’, I had some rather cold body parts – thank goodness for aircon in the car!

Arguing with the Sat-Nav on the way home of the route to take, but trusting myself a little more than the technology which seemed to work out alright as I have ended up home…

Tomorrow – off to Bristol!!

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