2011 – 2012…. The journey continues.

Posted on January 1, 2012


2011 was a good year – difficult to pick-up a single highlight from it.
There was the summer with Finnish Basketball teams around Europe – ending with the EuroBasket journey.
Photographing Birmingham City Ladies in the first season at WSL – and coming close to winning the title.
Leicester Riders offered some up’s and down’s during the year.
Photographing some of the London 2012 warm-up events was an experience to remember.
Not to forget the great people I met during various events!!!

Now the year has changed – and there is lot to look forward to, so let’s see what is ahead of me in 2012?

One stand out event for me will be covering my first ever Olympic Games – four weeks of mayhem to photograph 2012 London games.. WOW!
Finnish Basketball will introduce me to new countries this year – Luxembourg and Albania … (with tons of familiar ones as well).
Birmingham City Ladies will play in the Champions League – looking forward to that in the summer.
First longer trip abroad will be to Cyprus for Women’s football, always a nice one to attend (although it breaks my tradition of going to Portugal!!)
BBL is expanding for 2012-13 – teams in the big three cities for the new season… good times.

There just few things that will make my 2012, but it won’t be just sports all year long.
Few surprises in the plans for the year – and all being well, I am trying to keep people updated about it over here (alongside with the other websites I keep).
Hopefully you can enjoy a little bit of what I am writing here.. and the pictures as well 🙂

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