Day 1 – EuroBasket 2011

Posted on August 30, 2011


Flight number 27 – and EuroBasket 2011

As always, I do try to keep a ‘blog’ of sorts while in these bigger/longer tournaments, so it is time to start another one for the 2011 EuroBasket in Lithuania.

While catching my early bird flight from Birmingham to Brussels, I was counting that this leg of my journey was my 27th flight this year. Talk about someone who might be a victim to DVT…

Naturally there are no direct flights from Birmingham to Vilnius – so enjoying a four hour transfer in Brussels.

From Vilnius it is still another couple of hours to Alytus – where Finland will play their Group Stages. Amongst the Media people I know, the cost of hotels has been a hot topic all year. In deep contrast to last years World Championships in Turkey – where a whole month of accommodation cost less than £600, now this same amount will be spent on the first WEEK!! Talk about hiking up prices for the event – as the hotel normally charges about 40% of this one.

Also have a choice to make – to wait for the Finnish Media bus which departs around 6.15pm, or to make my own way to Alytus?? Choices to make – distance to travel – it is the glamourous life-style of traveling photographer.

Arrived to Alytus and media-hotel around 8pm last night with the Finnish Media – then it was quick dash to the accreditation centre to pick-up the ‘badge’ for the week (or three). Bit of hassle as I don’t think they were quite ready for us yet – so it took some time, still something you get used to in big events so nothing dramatic about it.

Had a quick meet with the Finnish Media Manager and then went to pick-up my gear, so to be ready for the last 10 minutes (open for press) practise. Not so open this time as Finnish Head Coach ‘asked’ the press to be removed. Not an ideal ‘friendly’ start to dealing with the media.. although, there was only about 6 of us 😉

So far so good on this trip – flights went well, transport got us to the hotel, got accreditation, done first sets of photos/videos (and breakfast is decent). Now just looking forward to tomorrow and the start of games, but before that it’s a day-trip to Team Finland hotel and more interviews.

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