Finland vs Denmark – it’s tough going

Posted on July 23, 2011


OK – here’s the first of the reports from Sweden… (and as said, first in Finnish)

Petri Virtanen

Petri Virtanen

Jeps, se oli siina se turnauksen ensimmainen peli, vaikea peli Suomelle, Tanskaa vastaan. Ensimmaisella neljanneksella ei sujunut oikein yhtaan mikaan – puolustus oli aika hukassa ja vain Tanskalaisten huono heitto-prosentti piti lukemat tasaisina ottelun alussa. Dettmanin aika-lisa sai sitten hieman ryhtia joukkueeseen – ja aika paljon rotaatiota nahtiin koko pelin aikana.

Sundvallin Arena oli aika tyhjan nakoinen kun Suomi ja Tanska sielle pelailivat – ottelusta nakyi etta oli Suomen ensimmainen ‘oikea’ peli tana kesana – ja todella kaikki pelaajat totesivat etta vain parantamista jai pelin jalkeen.. vaikka joitakin asioita oikein tehtiinkin.

Kimmo Muurine

Kimmo Muurinen

Suomen ‘sytytti’ oikeastaan Petri Virtanen – joka heitti kentalle tullessan kaaren takaa parit pisteet. Salinin Sasu piti jatkoi hyvia otteita maa-joukkueessa ja pisteita Tanskaa vastaan tuli, niinkuin pitaakin.

Pelin edetessa huomasi etta varsinkin puolustuspaassa oli Tanskalaisten mentavia aukkoja aivan liikaa – ja kaarenkin takaa sai aika vapaasti heitella jos oli punainen paita paalla. Suomi ei kuitenkaan missaan vaiheessa ollut vaarassa havita pelia – vaikka voitto marginaali ehka mairitteli Suomalaisia hieman.

Lepo-vuorossa tanaan olivat – Hanno Mottola, Teemu Rannikko, Tuomas Iisalo ja Tuukka Kotti… mutta valmentaja Dettmann sanoikin pelin jalkeen etta huomenna lepaavat uudet miehet..

Suomelle ehka hyva etta ensimmainen peli oli Tanskaa vastaan – ja etta vastustajat kovenevat kun turnaus etenee.

Hallilla ei printteri toiminut – joten tilastoja ei meikalaisella tahan hataan ole saatavilla… mutta toivottavasti tuo video-klippi ja kuvat pelista paikkaavat sita puutetta 🙂

Game Day 1 in Sundsvall !

Chef/Hindu God/Dragon...

Chef/Hindu God/Dragon...

First of all – today’s Dragon is some sort of mix between a Hindu god / Chef and Dragon..

Did the game between Finland and Denmark – the Finns were the favourites going into the game, but the Danes weren’t going to give it to them easy. Opening exchanges were all even, as coach Dettmann called for time and shook-up his troops (If this was Lithuania instead of Denmark against us there – the game would 27-9 to them by now. Said the coach at 9-9).

Some positive rotation of the squad helped the Finns ahead in the game – with veteran Petri Virtanen being the player who gave the wake-up call to his team. Gerald Lee was dropping points from the paint and from numerous free-throws. Petteri Koponen made return to the National team after last summers injury forced sit-out. Sort of a standard game from the Virtus Bologna player – much more to come from him during this summer.

Finnish defence was full of holes as the red shirted Danes made easy runs to the basket – and only some poor finishing kept the Finns ahead in the game. It was clearly visible that this was Finns first proper outing this summer, and the next three days/three games will be good for the team to ‘gel’ together and prepare for the bigger games of the summer.

The word from the players was that there is room for improvement and it has to come in the following games if the team wants to keep winning. But it is these types of games that do make a team come together and start playing as a ‘unit’.

I am not sure what it is with some international games – the printers just aren’t checked prior to the games. Once again the teams – and press – were left to stand and wait for the stat-sheets to be printed.. and I for one was left totally without one. So – no stats to report tonite.. maybe tomorrow 🙂

There was an obvious reason why the sport is played during the winter here – the temperature inside the hall (even when it was almost empty) kept rising very high and the floor did seem a bit slippery at times due to humidity (at least some Finns made gestures like that). It should be even more hot/humid come Tuesday evening when Finns and Swedes meet in what could be the ‘title decider’.

Tonight’s dinner was a Kebab – this being Sweden one can not afford to eat out in restaurants every night and spend £20-30 for a meal.. so a £10 kebab was enough for today.

More fun and games tomorrow…

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