London – and a long day

Posted on July 21, 2011


Here is another insight to the glorious work of a Freelance Sports Photographer.

It was a late arrival home on Wednesday evening – and with a little packing for the trip ahead, it was well past 11pm before I went to bed.. and here is how the following 24-36 hours will unfold…

Thursday 3am : Alarm-clock rings – time to get up and get going. With the light from my mobile-phone I walk around and get my clothes and prepare a small lunch-pack.. and I am out of the door 20 minutes later.

Thursday 5.50am : After a long drive to Stratford – finding a place to park (and no I don’t remember where I left the car.. just hope I’ll find it later today). I spent the next two and half hours walking around the fence of the Olympic Park taking photos. Talked to some friendly squatters who live right across the canal from Olympic Stadium.. Around 8am it starts to rain – so I walk to the train and make my way to central London. Next stop – Horse Guards Parade…

Thursday 9.30am : Lunch/Breakfast break at EAT in Victoria. Taking weight off feet for a while. Then towards Horse Guards Parade.

Thursday 11am : No hassle getting into the Beach Volleyball venue – not many photographers. Slightly poor shooting angle – some togs getting a little frustrated towards the media-people. Some even resort to handing cameras to construction workers to take pictures on the other-side of the fence (apparently it is two day Health&Safety course if one wants to cross the fence). But with some polite questioning – media-woman (Emma?) gets us a permit to walk to another angle to photograph the venue. Very good angle – court/horse guards parade and London eye… all in the image!! Job done!

Thursday 1pm : Back on the Olympic Village site – few more images from distance. No chance at all getting even close to the venues… but, you got to live with what’s given to you. Now off to the car and then ‘quick’ drive back to Birmingham and then off to Walsall for the football tonight.

Thursday 4.30pm : Arrived home after another non-stop drive from London. Straight to the couch to have a lay-down for a while – rested for about an hour, a quick shower to wake me up a bit. Dinner from the microwave – watched the wife play Angry Birds on IPad and then I was out of the door to Walsall vs Aston Villa.

Thursday 7.05pm : Arrived at Banks Stadium – quickly to the press-room. No subs at all named for Aston Villa, so hard to do the team sheets. Got the sheets done as good as I can – and now it is off to pitch-side and photograph another pre-season game.

Thursday 9.20pm : Both teams have made about 11 substitutes – time to head home before the traffic hits. Little over 8 hours and I am on the place to Amsterdam… Get home just before 10pm – small breather and then to bed – alarm-clock says that I have 3 hours and 24 minutes until it is time to wake-up.

Friday 3.28am : Alarm rings once again – time to get up, another lunch-pack and wake-up the wife so she can have the car for the week. Quiet roads on the drive to the airport – check-in, security check, buy a bottle of water… wait for the flight. Feeling the effects of not having much sleep in the last two days – here’s to hoping for a comfortable bed at the hotel in Sundsvall. Two flights to come – five hours of travel until I land to Arlanda Airport…

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