New sport photographed – Equestrian – Show Jumping

Posted on July 3, 2011


Not that it’s been too long since I’ve added some new sports to the ones I’ve photographed – but I still got to add one more to the list today : SHOW JUMPING Sunday morning took me Valley View Show Ground – Woodhouse Farm where the first day of the Wenlock Olympic Games was held today.. and it all started with the show jumping at the Woodhouse Farm.

Show-jumping at Wenlock Olympic Games

Show-jumping at Wenlock Olympic Games

Now, I’ve never photographed anything involving horses before – but got a chance finally to do it. It is a challenging thing to photograph, especially when you do not know anything about it. Still, I was there bright and early at 9am – and actually arrived before most of the horses were there. Quick walk around the course to see what things are like, although during the different ‘classes’ the direction of many jumps kept changing.

To View Image-Gallery from the day : CLICK HERE

First – I thought to follow the rule that one does at most sporting events “Stay Low”. Then looking at the direction of most jumps – chose a spot where I could get them jumping towards me two/three times, so I could guarantee capturing them at least once. As the day progressed I started to see more of what the horses/riders did and where the action would be best (in my novice opinion). Then once again it got proven that with sports photography – you just need to be in the right place at the right time, and during the last ‘class’ of the day I managed to capture a 20 image set of the only fall of the day (straight towards me – horse and rider go tumbling down..).

Show jumping event at Valley View Show Ground.

Show jumping event at Valley View Show Ground.

Even if I didn’t go to the event with the aim of selling images (had a different assignment for the event) – I got asked by many riders/parents whether I sold my photos. First I made sure that no-one was at the event with the sole purpose of selling photos (never step on another togs toes – although it is a dog-eat-dog world) and as no-one was there.. I was happy enough to give them my Email/Gallery address, although I did point out that this was my first time shooting horses.. 🙂

During the day I did also get to chatting with a fellow photographer – always easier to strike conversation in these less formal events. Had a good chat with him – and another photographer contact created. Also – photographers who do NOT take them too seriously are a whole lot more fun that those who do…

All in all an enjoyable day – with the added bonus of selling some photos, and I actually think that I would not mind attending another show jumping event….

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