Don’t forget your chair

Posted on July 1, 2011


Hmm, a painful evening in Derby yesterday evening. I’ve been to Worcester too many times as I’ve gotten to know that ground inside and out, so when I was off to Derby last night – I didn’t think of taking my little chair/stool with me.

The ground there is quite big, so I wanted to get closer to the action as the crease was right in the middle of it. Luckily one got to go right next to the boundary-ropes to photograph. But having NOT taken my little chair with me, I had to sit on the grass for a whole 50 over (One Day) cricket match. With the monopod being just a little too high – it was a little stretch to peek through the view-finder.

You bet that after about 8 1/2 hours of cricket in the windy conditions, my neck/back were very happy about it 😉

To make up for it, the evening sun was setting nicely and the middle of England’s innings had a nice sunshine coming through and as the players looked up after batting.. it made for some brilliant photos.

As my wife had been kind enough to let me have the car for the evening, it was a rush to go and pick her up in the evening – England won the game with 5 overs to spare, quick edit of final photos in the car – down the M1/M42 and arrived only 3 minutes late to pick her up.

More fun and games today, as I head to Worcester for some T20 cricket.. next week on Thursday I am heading to a cricket game at a ground that has been said to be ‘the most beautiful’ in England.. we’ll see…

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