Aston Villa fans protest

Posted on June 15, 2011


Good evening at Villa Park – first it looked like only few people would turn up at the protest. But as people started to get off from work, the numbers started to grow – official estimates say 500, but I am sure it was over a 1000.

Fans kept the protest clean and there were no scuffles with the security, and even some light hearted chanting was directed towards the guys at the gate. Fans kept on changing ends from the North End to Holte End – and managed to take over the steps at Holte End for their protest for good part of the evening.

Aston Villa - No to Alex McLeish demonstration

Aston Villa - No to Alex McLeish demonstration

In the end even the gates at the North End bowed to the pressure of the fans, and 500 or so fans managed to run right to the reception doors at Villa Park. Before slowly walking away – small rain shower just before 8pm sent the last remaining fans on their way home.. point was well made and it was time to call it an evening (no doubt if Mr McLeish is named Villa manager – the protesters will be back).

As a photographer protests/demonstrations offer a different challenge, you want to get your images sent quickly, but you are also surrounded by a sea of people that are constantly on the move. So working safely in the crowd presented some interesting dilemmas. Although – all the fans were good natured and very soon there was a ring of people around looking at the photos I was editing and sending onwards.

No to Alex McLeish

No to Alex McLeish protest at Villa Park.

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