One more time..

Posted on June 8, 2011


Last full day in Hungary, and one more evening of basketball to go. Finland will meet Ukraine in tonight’s first game and with a win (and Bulgaria beating Netherlands) they will still have a chance to finish second in the tournament.

Ukraine want to get at least one win, and the Finns want to finish the tournament with a win. Ukraine will have some tall players to put under the basket and it will be interesting to see if the Finns can find a way through this – as driving to the basket has been something that the Finns have struggled all through out the tournament here in Sopron.

Weather here in Hungary has also turned ‘colder’ – a mere 24 degrees outside at the moment, instead of the normal over 30 degrees 🙂

Tomorrow it’ll be a day of traveling, with a 9.30 departure from the hotel, train from Sopron to Budapest, flight to Birmingham via Munich (hoping to have all luggage with us when we arrive !!).

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