Sun, Vienna and basketball

Posted on June 7, 2011


Seven days on the road now – and Monday was the first ‘day-off’ during this week. We took a train from Sopron to Vienna for a day-trip, to see the sights and have a little change of scenery.


Vienna - a day-off well spent

This is one of the things I love about being on the continental Europe – you walk to a train station and just take a train to the next country.. about £10 for a visit abroad. Very different from the isolated Brits on their little island (and where I live as well).

Should probably move to somewhere in central Europe.. would make my travels a whole lot easier to these jobs abroad… hmmm??

Before Vienna, in the previous days – there had been more basketball. With two defeats for the Finns, against Hungary and Netherlands. Finland didn’t play particularly well in either game, and maybe should have grabbed at least one victory out of the two games. Especially after the Netherlands game the Finns were extremely disappointed with the result and slowly made their way out into the dark evening in Sopron (no interviews for poor old me).


Day in Vienna was spent walking around and wife buying some chocolate 🙂 We did also try to find me a new pair of shoes.. no luck. Wanted to find an art exhibition… no luck.. then thought to buy a painting from a street artist that we’d seen earlier.. but once we got to him.. he was packing things away.. so no luck there either.. Still, a decent day in Vienna in the hot summer sunshine.

My feet are desperately tired after this week, walking around 15 kilometers every day with the heavy back-pack. And they say that is supposed to be good for you – my legs beg to differ 😉

Hungary vs Netherlands / EuroBasket Additional Qualifying

Hungary vs Netherlands / EuroBasket Additional Qualifying

Finland has another day off today – I am off to pick up some ‘poster prints’ I made of the Finnish players. Which was a struggle in a town where very few speak English and I don’t speak Hungarian. First shop I waved by CF card and pointed at the prints.. but all I got in response was Hungarian.. and more Hungarian.. Luckily the second shop was a bit better with a person who at least understood English.. now it is just a case of going to pick-up the photos and see if they are good quality.. (will post examples here…)

Weather still keeps on treating us with sunshine and temperatures topping 30 degrees – which will make it a big shock once we return to UK on Thursday evening and find it 13 degrees and raining..

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