Good game – and internet slowing down

Posted on June 4, 2011


Now – I know I should have gotten this written yesterday…

Friday saw the first games of the EuroBasket tournament that I had come cover over here. With the games starting at 6pm, that still left me plenty of time during the day to spend some free-time in the nice summer weather here in Sopron. Another walk to the town in the morning, and sitting down for an ice cream in the +32 degree sunshine.. it wasn’t a bad morning at all.

Early afternoon was spent getting few video-clips for the ‘intro’ to the game video – which was then edited ready to be inserted to the final product later on.

With the thunder clouds dangerously approaching in the late afternoon, I decided to head out for the opening game as well – to avoid getting drenched later on. As I walked the little over 3 kilometers to the Arena – the sun kept on beating down and temperatures were still over +30, luckily the Arena floor was well air conditioned and sitting at the media tribune it was nice and fresh.

Full house was in place as the home nation took on the Netherlands in the opening game, one way traffic since the opening moments as the Hungarians took full control of the game. During the game I also noticed some Finnish players in the crowd – who still seemed to remember me from previous years (possibly due to the fact that I am one of the few who does after game interviews with the players on video 😉 ).

Here is the game video from the game – with few interviews to go with it in the end.

With an empty Arena, the Finns took on Bulgaria in the second game of the day. It was tight going all the way through, with the Finns never really able to sustain a constant level of performance – but some big 3’s by Dionne Pounds and Minna Sten (Sten’s from WAYYYY behind the half-way line) helped Finland deliver some big blows at the end of quarters with these ‘buzzer beaters’. Final moments of the game were nervous watching for both benches – but Finns defended strong and held on to a narrow win to get a dream start for the qualifying games.

It was a long walk through the dark streets of Sopron back to the hotel – another 40 minutes or so. Edited the rest of the photos from the two games – finished editing the video and desperately tried to upload them online.. but no luck in that, so decided to call it a day at 1.30am…

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