Sopron – arrived, with luggage

Posted on June 2, 2011


After a hectic and eventful Wednesday – it was time to hope for a little less action on Thursday as we made our way to Sopron.

Night was spent tossing and turning in a room with an air-con that didn’t seem to cool the room at all, so it was very warm and stuffy in the room. Small walk around the block before breakfast in the early morning sunshine – then back to the room. Quick call to Lufthansa to ask after our luggage – another call to the courier company.. and YES!! our luggage had safely arrived to the Hotel and was waiting for us in the reception. Downstairs to get the bags – change of clothing.. (best of all of course, all the chargers and cables had also arrived..)

Train to Sopron

Train to Sopron

Then it was to the train station (Keleti) and ready to board the train to Sopron, couple of hours in the train and it was like coming to a different climate-zone. Not so hot and humid as it was previous evening in Budapest. Our hotel was someways outside the town centre – so off to hail a taxi. Unfortunately the taxi didn’t quite seem to know where to go – and so we ended up stopping every 100 meters or so and ask everybody if they would possibly know the way to the hotel.. Although sometimes it felt like the driver was planning the weekends BBQ evening with the people 🙂

Eventually we made it to the hotel – no reception. So a quick call to the owner, who directed us to the ‘hidden key’ .. and then we were good to go inside. Just like a treasure hunt 😉

Couple of walks to the town – one for food shopping (as we have our own kitchen) and another one to check out the distance/location to the Arena. After all that – it was time to sit down and relax for the evening… first games TOMORROW !!

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