Arrived in Budapest – the luggage did not

Posted on June 1, 2011


What a day….

First flight from Birmingham to Munich was delayed first by 30 minutes, then 45 minutes and eventually departed an hour late. Had a tight change in Munich (1 hrs 25 min) to the Budapest flight, and when we landed the Budapest flight was about to depart in 7 minutes. Luckily we got a direct shuttle-bus transfer to the Budapest flight and as soon as we sat down, the plane departed..

At this stage we were happy to be on the plane – but knew that more than likely our luggage would not be on the same flight..

On arrival to Budapest, the plane had to abort the approach due to a ‘weather incident’ at the airport. So we circled around for another 25 minutes before making a bumpy landing to the airport. Off to the luggage-carousel to wait for the luggage.. 30 minutes later, no surprises.. no luggage. Off to file a ‘property irregularity report’ – why don’t they just call it ‘missing luggage or lost luggage’ ?? There is nothing ‘irregular’ about my luggage 🙂

Got to the hotel OK – had something to eat, walked a little around the town, booked train tickets to Sopron for tomorrow morning.

Now sitting back at the hotel (around 10pm) – still no luggage and who knows when we’ll get it. One worrying thing for me is that all the chargers are in the luggage.. camera batteries, video camera, laptop…

Doesn’t help to worry about it – just not too keen to spend tons of money to get chargers for the items.. Hopefully I’ll have some good news to tell in the morning…

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