Rain – cricket photographers best friend

Posted on May 26, 2011


During the winter and indoor season I like to complain about the dark conditions – but let’s face it. Nothing compares to the day of a cricket photographer when it is raining.

Depending on the ground – you can be nicely and comfortably seated in a press-room, enjoying a free and fast Wi-Fi. Or you can be sheltering under a small ledge and desperately trying to get a signal on your 3G dongle.

Today – I am lucky enough to have the better of those options. Sitting in the press-room at the Edgbaston cricket ground. Catching up on Emails, invoices and so on – enjoying a free lunch from the restaurant downstairs and watching the dark clouds roll past with the frequent heavy downpour dousing the ground in front of me.

No spectators are in sight, as thousands of empty seats stare back at me. But – that’s what your days are like sometimes. At least the ash cloud seems to be disappearing for tomorrow, so I should be OK to fly and head to some International jobs for few days.

From rain soaked Edgbaston ..

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