With the Finns in the pub

Posted on May 16, 2011


Finnish fans flog to see the game

Finns up for it in London

Being a sports photographer does not always mean that you get to sit on the side-lines of a big match or event. As a freelancer you are always struggling to get your images published from these events due to the amount of photographers.

So, to make a living out it – one has to be inventive and offer new angles to events that might seem ‘mundane’ to others. Which was exactly what I did on Sunday – late on Friday evening the Finnish national Ice Hockey team made their way to the World Championships final in Bratislava, Slovakia.

Obviously too short of a notice to get accredited for such an event – but I knew of a pub in London that shows these games live, and is also a gathering place for Ice Hockey fans from Finland to watch the games.. Couple of quick Emails later I had assignments to go to the pub, follow the game, interview and photograph some Finnish fans.. and get paid for it.

Long drive from Birmingham to London – get to the pub four hours before the game.. and soon after I get in, the doors get closed due to the amount of people attempting to get in. Do the interviews – talk to fans – take pictures and start following the game. Get some shots of celebrations during the game and after Finland wins the game.. send these off and head back to the car and drive back to Brum.

Link to the one of the articles is HERE

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