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Posted on May 11, 2011


First one in the Mirror

Stanno-banner, Kirstie Bowden

Stanno-banner, Kirstie Bowden

Last Saturday was the last day in football league in England, and where as I was supposed to go to photograph Shrewsbury’s attempts in automatic promotion, it all changed on Friday evening. An evening call to ask whether I would like to drop by for an assignment in Sheffield to photograph a traveling fan from Exeter. With guaranteed ‘day-rate’ payment for the job, how could I refuse?

So a long drive to Sheffield on a rainy Saturday morning, meeting Kirstie at the ground before the game and set-up the shots at the stand. Not hassle-free – as stewards came to ask if I had permission to be there taking the pictures. Apparently I might have photographed something that the club did not want to be published… like what? The seats??

I snapped few pictures before the game, and then few more after the game outside the ground. Story with the photos was published in today’s Mirror – nice to see the story and image printed.

No pictures from the game itself published – but the game was secondary to my travels, so it all worked out well.

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